All personal information you voluntarily surrender to the particular organization is strictly for the purpose intended.

Your information will be protected by the organization to the extent of our private ability to protect and keep our inhouse data of which we measure and predetermined to be secure. We cannot control your personal information and data from theft, exposure, or governmental authorities from the point of electronically sending, transferring, streaming, or encrypting until it securely arrives under our care custody and control.

After which, we do not voluntarily share or sell any of your personal information. Your personal information will be kept "confidential" and only seen by those qualified and trained to review your application. None of your personal information will be used for any purpose other than what has been determined necessary to see if you qualify for your interest in membership to this "church" organization. Your personal information and data will never become the private property of this "church" organization and cannot be used against you voluntarily in any court of law, religious organization, Church, public or private civil institution, consumer credit organization, insurance company, security company, or voluntarily revealed to ANY third party for any reason, without your written consent. It will be held in trust by the "church" organization for as long as it takes to make the transaction of exchange, sale, contribution, or application for which is surrendered to us.

If you purchase any product, all your personal information will used for the purpose of the particular transaction of business within our private non-profit trust, Church, Wellcare, Medical, or Welfare organization.

Under no circumstances will you be contacted by phone, email, fax, or letter from this organization unless you specifically select the box that gives us permission to contact you. Your personal information will be exsponsed from our database at the conclusion of the exchange or contribution and be seen by the ordering, shipping and handling fulfillment systems of our contracted staff. Your personal information will be used solely to determine your specific qualifications to either be admitted as a member of our organization within the departments that are necessary for its review. It will not be made available to any other internal department, subsidiary company, trust, mission organization, or religious affiliate of our conglomerate of ministries, unless you authorize us in writing with intent to voluntarily share the information for other activity or involvement in those other particular areas of interest.