We are not a political entity nor do we support any political "Pak" as defined by the Laws of the United States or Pakistan. We are in no way involved in any criminal activity, nor do we knowingly aid or assist any group, party, tribe, cult, or sect, which is "classified" as "extremist". We are not, nor ever have been involved with or ever been associated with any form of terroism, individually, corporate, religious, or governmental terroism. We do not approve of nor endorse inhumane treatment of animals, birds, reptiles,fish, living creatures, immature fetus, full term unborn humans, children, young adults, adults, or senior adults. We do not endorse, embrace, nor are we in communion with any religioius organization, manufacturing company, labor union, military or militia group promoting viiolence as a form of creating peace.

We do adhere to the human, God given right, for an individual to bear arms for defense and the protection of ones own life, the lives of one's family, tribe, legitimate govenment agency, or corporate entity, so long as the particular interest of the entities named herein are not aggressively pursuing or forcing other human beings to labor, be confined, organized, or held captive against their own will. We respect the individual written laws of all nations so long as those laws do not restrict or prevent the humanity the freedom to form a "belief system", worship, pray, exercise their religious "belief systems", without a particular agenda. We do not approve of any form of union, marriage, lifestyle, or behavior that cannot procreate human life, as specifically addressed in Holy Scriptures as being immoral, unethical, or prohibited by the One True God.

We know there is only One God, evidentially proclaimed and made visible through creation of the natural world. We in whole or in part will not endorse any teaching that encourages or promotes a "belief system" of more than the One True God. However, we will not "stand", "witness", "swear", or judge another human beings state of relationship with that One True God, of the which is totally forbidden by all Prophets from Judea, from Arabia, the Qu'ran, Holy Scriptures and by the teachings of Eashoa(Yeshua)(Isa)(Geno)(Jes'us), the Prophets, the Apostles, and their written expose of such.

We are Christian World Churches Society website. The legal name of the "church" nonprofit holding organization is Corlis Dees Ministries, Inc. Depending on your interest in the holding company, "certificates of interest" are available upon request if you are a qualified contributor to the Maryam Education Reserve Ttrust. The name of the church "charity" organization is Mission Evangelism, Inc.