Christian World Churches Society a way for humans to succeed by helping others improve their lives. It is the Jesus Way philosophy that we apply to innovate, improve and transform the manifestation of humanity into the manifestation of love. As we love others we actually create greater value and find fulfillment. Our CWCS Guidlines are who we are as a Society by the grace of the God.

Church Memberships

We respect the individual written laws of all nations so long as those laws do not restrict or prevent the humanity the freedom to form a "belief system", worship, pray, exercise their religious "belief systems", without a particular agenda.

Education Opportunities

You will study using Crystal Clear Learning System. The CCLS is based on collective generational knowledge, available to us through Archeology, Holy Writings, compared to Science, Mathematics, and Statistics.

Missions and Projects

You can know precisely what, where, how, and to whom we give our donations to with full disclosure upon request.  You will find that some of our website sections are LIMITED TO MEMBERS.